Ypsilanti Baptist Temple

Welcome to Ypsilanti Baptist Temple's

Over the last several years, a lot has been happening here at

Ypsilanti Baptist Temple, especially with its women.  God has called the women here into a deeper relationship with Him and the women ARE listening, craving, growing and rejoicing!

The Women's Ministries over the next several months and into this year will be growing our list of projects as well as our knowledge of God and His plans for our lives.  We invite you to join us in our growing, in our outreach in the community, the strengthening of our families, and most importantly with our deepening walk with God.

Keep checking back as we will be updating our page frequently with upcoming activities and projects.

Please note:
Our Bible studies are open to all women, no matter church affiliation or denomination.  Ypsilanti Baptist Temple DOES use and follows the writings of God's Words in the King James Bible.

While most of the studies that we do are geared towards women, there are some that can be geared either way and invite you gentlemen to join in on these studies as well.  If you see a study that interests you and you are unsure whether a gentleman can join, contact us!

The Women's Ministries can always be reached via email at:  womensministries@ypsilantibaptisttemple.org.  We ask that you always include a subject for your emails; and for emails related to specific Bible studies, please place the title of the study as your subject heading.

If you are at Ypsilanti Baptist Temple and have questions about our Women's Ministries, please see Debi Clay or Tanya Norris directly.